Setting Realistic Goals for 2018

The New Year brings plans for new resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, but its important to set attainable and realistic goals so that you feel a sense of success and accomplishment.  One of our biggest downfalls with resolutions and goal setting is we think too big which ends up leaving us discourage when we don't meet that goal. Here are some tips to help you and your family with creating goals for 2018.

1. Confront unrealistic goals. Sometimes we choose goals too big or out of reach and it is almost impossible to meet them.  Choose goals that are realistic and something they have created on their own.

2. Choose just-out-of-reach goals.  Choose goals that are attainable but also just out of reach. In doing so, you learn to push yourself to meet a new challenge versus staying in your comfort zone.

3. Set specific goals. A good goal is a specific goal.  Think of more specific goals that can actually be measured. 

4. Break it down.   Break their goals into smaller, manageable steps.

5. Set up checkpoints. It’s important to create checkpoint system. Checking in weekly vs. monthly.

6. Make it a family plan. When families make goal setting a family effort, so you learn to support each other. If you have a partner or a family, get them involved in creating goals for themselves. 

By Vanessa Isetta