Children and Adolescents

Dr. Isetta uses a variety of ways to help address child and adolescent issues.  The most critical component at the beginning of therapy with children and adolescents is creating a safe and comfortable environment for them.  Since this may be their first time in therapy, feelings of anxiety and uncertainty of what to expect may occur.  Dr. Isetta helps put them at ease by discussing the benefits of therapy and how to make it comfortable for them and their needs. 

Typically with young children, using play and art therapy allows the child to feel comfortable while having fun tackling the pressing issues at hand.  Sometimes, they do not even realize they are doing therapy because the experience is in such a non-threatening way. 

For the older tween and adolescents, Dr. Isetta may use workbooks or other tools to help them communicate how they are feeling.  At times, teens may not precisely know why they are feeling a certain way, but recognize the emotion and discomfort is there.  Dr. Isetta tries to use books and tools to help them identify what is causing the underlying issue; this helps get to the root of the problem and give immediate solutions. 

With the increase in demands of our teens, having a safe and positive environment to address these issues can be extremely beneficial for them.  Frequently, teens need space away from peers, family and social media to discuss what is going on and gain a different perspective of their life. 

My specialties include:

Anxiety Disorders


Relationship Issues




Learning Disorders

School issues


Social issues

If you think your child or adolescent is experiencing some of these symptoms, contact Dr. Isetta today and set up a phone consultation to discuss.