Family Therapy

Dr. Isetta uses family therapy in a variety of different ways depending on the family's needs. Family therapy can be set up from the beginning or later in treatment if there is a specific issue the family would like to address together.

With Children and Adolescents, Family Therapy may be an essential part of the process.  Dr. Isetta requests that both parents be involved in treatment whenever possible.  Before meeting with the child or adolescent, Dr. Isetta will usually set up the initial meeting with both parents. This way, she can obtain the history of your family and child without any issues of breaking confidentiality.  This session will also help to discuss how therapy may look with your child.  During treatment, problems may arise that would benefit from a family session.  Dr. Isetta will discuss this with the child or adolescent, to help them discuss and formulate what they would like to say. Dr. Isetta finds adolescents discover it helpful to have meetings with her and the parents together, so they can articulate exactly how they are feeling with her help. Dr. Isetta will help facilitate the dialogue to create an increase in communication and change.  Meetings will be held either with the entire family, parents, or parents and child.

Specialties in this area include:

Family Conflict






Grief and Loss

Relationship issues

If your family is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact Dr. Isetta today and set up a phone consultation to discuss.