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Dr. Isetta is a Clinical Psychologist currently treating children, adolescents and adults in Hermosa Beach.  Dr. Isetta grew up in the South Bay and continues to have a close connection with the area and the people in the community.  Dr. Isetta believes that a safe and nurturing space in the therapy room is the foundation of a good therapeutic relationship.     Dr. Isetta has been a Licensed Psychologist for over 15 years and helping families throughout Los Angeles and the South Bay. Through the years, Dr. Isetta’s training and experience have allowed her to work with all ages, from 3 to 65. 

Having kids of her own, Dr. Isetta understands what your kids mean to you and provides a space to be additional support in your family.

Over the years, I have found that looking at the entire system of the mind and body can help address the issues at hand.  At times, our diet, lifestyle and coping strategies can impact our overall mental health.  When there are issues of anxiety or depression, I often will recommend looking into these areas and adding additional self-care to help combat these issues you are experiencing. 

Dr. Isetta has added two Marriage and Family Associates to her practice.  Each of her staff members shares the same belief and philosophy of therapy as she does.  If Dr. Isetta recommends one of her staff, know that you will be in good hands with whomever she recommends.  Dr. Isetta and her colleagues have very thoughtfully created a space to make sure you feel safe, comfortable and taken care of in the best way possible. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Isetta at (310) 980-7352 or email drvisetta@gmail.com


Celynna Romero, AMFT

Celynna Romero, AMFT

Courtney Hamlin, AMFT

Courtney Hamlin, AMFT

Ciana Gonzales, AMFT

Ciana Gonzales, AMFT


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We all feel tired, isolated and overwhelmed by life’s challenges sometimes. We may struggle with the idea of reaching out to others for help for fear of judgement or of not being understood. Therapy can provide a nonjudgmental space where you can be free to explore difficult issues and create a healthier and happier future. 

Experience and Background: 

I earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Concordia University Irvine. Prior to my work as a marriage and family therapist, I worked as an applied behavior analyst working with children on the autism spectrum providing treatment in the home and clinic setting. To further my training, I received certification as a Board-Certified Autism Technician which allowed me to help families thrive despite the challenges of autism spectrum related difficulties. 

I went on to earn a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University to further my passion for helping those in need. My past work has included experience as a high school counselor for Mater Dei High School and a college counselor for Vanguard University. 

In my current practice, I specialize in helping adolescents, adults and families who are struggling with a variety of issues achieve their goals and create positive change in their lives. My past experience as a behavioral therapist for children on the autism

spectrum provided me with an understanding of how a disorder affects not only a child but also the whole family unit. Drawing from this, I am able to help families and individuals who are struggling with issues such as relational conflict, depression, anxiety, ADHD and other learning disorders. 

During our sessions, you will feel accepted, supported and encouraged to explore challenging issues and help you define your goals. Together we will explore how your past and the behavior patterns you learned along the way have contributed to the problem. You will draw upon your strengths and the tools you learn in therapy to empower you to take control over your life and improve the relationship you have with yourself and with others. I look forward to connecting with you to determine how I can help you. 

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As a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in the South Bay of Los Angeles, I have experience working with addiction, adults, preteens, teens, couples, and families. I offer individual sessions, conjoint family sessions, couples sessions, and supplemental group therapy if beneficial, to my clients. 

I provide a professional, knowledgeable, supportive, and empathic environment that fosters emotional well being. I help clients identify any core issues that might drive recurring problems, and empower them with practical tools to overcome these issues. 

We all experience difficult times in our lives, whether it’s because we feel lost, stuck, or have been through unfortunate events. Therapy offers us a safe, honest, nonjudgmental space to gain insight into what we have experienced. It can help us to identify any problematic life patterns, and find ways to move forward. I help you tackle many different types of difficulties, setbacks, and discoveries, and enjoy working with a diverse range of clients from varied backgrounds.

I spent the first span of my professional career working in New York City in national and international fundraising, and bring a wealth of varied experience to the Psychology profession. 

Areas of Specialty/Expertise

Identity Struggles
Couples and Relationships
Step and Co-parenting, Blended Families
Teens and Family


Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, Antioch University, Los Angeles, California  
Master of Arts, International Educational Development, Columbia University, New York City, New York
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Minor: Spanish & International Relations, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine


The Maple Counseling Center, Beverly Hills, California
Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach, California
Freedom4U Youth-Nonprofit, Palos Verdes Estates & San Pedro, California

Professional Affiliations

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
Long Beach-South Bay (CAMFT)
Los Angeles (CAMFT)
American Psychological Association (APA)

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My passion for being a Marriage and Family Therapist began with my inherent desire to help others and provide a listening ear to those in need. While completing my Bachelors in Psychology from Chapman University, I gained experience in working with children, families, and adults with intellectual disabilities in a variety of settings. These interactions provided me insight into how family dynamics may impact members on the individual level, which ignited my interest in pursuing a career as a therapist.

Upon receiving my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from University of Southern California, I have had amazing opportunities to work with adults, children, and families from diverse backgrounds with varying difficulties related to anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, grief and loss, chronic pain, familial conflict, and marital discord.

In my present practice, it is my goal to create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to speak about difficult subjects and feel supported. I will act as a sounding board to assist you in building greater insight around the struggles you are having, aid you in examining and determining possible solutions to these challenges, and help you to feel empowered through the process. I look forward to learning more about how I can assist you, and to providing a warm, supportive environment that you may seek comfort in.

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Phone: (213) 342-5928

Email: cianag.mft@gmail.com